Expert Sleepers FH2 Accessibility & Remote Control

Feel The Noise is a resource for accessibility information on electronic music instruments. In the first episode Tim Burgess takes a look at the Expert Sleepers FH2.

The FH-2 is an 8HP Eurorack module combining the following functions:

  • MIDI to CV conversion including polyphonic and MPE operation.
    • The FH-2 is simultaneously a USB MIDI host, a USB MIDI device, and also supports traditional 5-pin DIN MIDI.
    • Support for drum triggers including triggers with velocity or accents.
    • Support for automatic VCO calibration
  • Clock generation and synchronisation.
    • MIDI clock (in and out), analogue clock (in and out), or internal clock (BPM or tap tempo).
  • LFO generation, including tempo-synced LFOs.
  • Arpeggiators.
  • Euclidean pattern generators.
  • Sequencers.

Information about the FH-2: LINK

Video by Feel The Noise

Minimum firmware for this feature is 1.15.

Expert Sleepers FH-2 firmware, configuration tool and manuals: LINK

Expert Sleepers FH-2 additional tools, including the accessibility tool: LINK

Expert Sleepers panel layouts: LINK

Raised Bar Home: LINK