Donation Terms

You: a natural person or a legal entity providing a donation, a donor.

Fenestra: association Artes Liberales, organizer of the Fenestra project, address at Andrejostas iela 43, Riga, LV-1045, Latvia, registration No. 40008267510, holding the status of a public benefit organization in Latvia.

These terms govern the relationship between you and Organization with regard to your donation. By donating to Fenestra you agree to these terms and they form a legally binding agreement between you and Fenestra.

1. The Donation

1.1. Your donation will be used to promote artistic expression of visually impaired musicians by providing them with the music instruments they need.

1.2. Your donation may be money payment or in-kind contribution. Your donation is irrevocable.

2. In-kind Donations.

2.1. Fenestra welcomes donations of electronic music instruments and devices used to create and perform electronic music.

2.2. You should contact Fenestra via email if you intend to give any in-kind donation, to identify you as the donor, and coordinate the delivery.

2.3. You should donate only fully functional items that may have some reasonable signs of use. Please notify Fenestra in advance if you intend to donate any item that requires repair or has excessive signs of use.

2.4. Upon Fenestra’s acceptance of the donation you should deliver the donated items to Fenestra. You shall pay for the delivery of the donation to Fenestra.

2.5. Your in-kind donations will be refurbished to adapt them for use by visually impaired persons. They will be included into systems that will be delivered to the recipients.

2.6. Fenestra receives the right of property in your donated items at the moment it receives them.

2.7. Fenestra may discard any donated items that are damaged beyond repair (including during the delivery) or otherwise unusable for their intended purpose without excessive investment in them.

3. Money donations.

3.1. You may donate money to Fenestra using the donations section on its website

4. Use of the Donations

4.1. Fenestra shall distribute the in-kind donations to the visually impaired musicians who have applied to Fenestra for help. Fenestra shall use the money donations to refurbish and supplement the donated in-kind items and up to 25 per cent of your donated money may be used to cover administrative costs of Fenestra.

4.2. You will be notified upon your request about use of your in-kind donation.

4.3. The donations will be given to the persons according to the terms set by Fenestra. Fenestra reserves the right to change the terms at any time and without notice. You will be provided with reasoning for giving of your donation to the particular recipient.

4.4. Report on use of the donated money shall be provided on Fenestra’s website on annual basis.

4.5. Due to restrictions concerning use of the personal data, Fenestra may refuse to provide some of the recipient’s personal information.

4.6. Except for obligation to inform you about use of the donation, Fenestra has no other obligations of performance against you.

5. Fenestra’s warranties

5.1. Fenestra warrants that the donations shall be used exclusively for the purposes provided herein.

5.2. Fenestra warrants that it shall not use the donations for commercial purposes, and it shall not use the donations to cover its losses arising from commercial activities.

6. Your personal data

6.1. Your personal data will be used to perform Fenestra’s statutory obligations related to your donation. Processing of your personal data is necessary in order to take steps at your request prior to entering into a donation agreement. Your data shall only be shared with competent state institutions of the Republic of Latvia as required by applicable laws. Your data shall not be transferred outside European Union.

6.2. You have the right to request from Fenestra access to and rectification or erasure of your personal data or restriction of processing concerning you or to object to processing, insofar as your requests are not contrary to Fenestra’s statutory obligations.

6.3. You have the right to lodge a complaint with Data State Inspectorate, Blaumaņa iela 11/13-11, Rīga, LV-1011, Latvia, email:

6.4. Providing of your personal data is voluntary. Without providing of the data Fenestra will be unable to enter into the donation agreement with you and accept your donation.

6.5. Fenestra may use your name to indicate you as a donor on Fenestra’s website and elsewhere in Fenestra’s publication, unless you expressly forbid Fenestra to do so.

6.6. You may refer to your donation to Fenestra, as long as Fenestra’s name is not used for commercial purposes. You may not refer to your donation to Fenestra if you have forbidden Fenestra to indicate you as a donor.

7. Final provisions

7.1. Please contact Fenestra if you need a formal written agreement for your donation.

7.2. Fenestra may change these terms at any time and without notice. Please refer to Fenestra’s website for the up-to-date wording of the terms. The changed terms apply to donations made after the terms are published online.

7.3. These Terms are governed by laws of the Republic of Latvia and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Latvia.